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And They Lived Happily….

“We have circled and circled till we have arrived home again, we two. We have avoided all but freedom and all but our own joy,” – Walt Whitman.

And so ends the great book on marriage written by Elizabeth Gilbert. I have to say this book had its “Wow, you are so on point Liz Gilbert, it is not even funny” moments, and some well, I would have rather be read something else.  Thank goodness it ends the way I thought it would, I won’t relay if you haven’t read the book yet.

Through out reading this book I thought about the many marriages I’ve heard about or seen in my lifetime. I thought of my parent’s marriage, my parent’s divorce. I thought about my grandparent’s marriage and other close relatives of mine and friends.

Most of all I thought of my own future marriage, if/when there is a marriage. I am very traditional, nothing like Liz, at all. Even if I had gone through hell and back to get the love of my life certified as an American citizen, I would want everything done exactly the way I thought it should be, but I guess that’s what makes us all different, in our own way.

While I feel my ideas are intimate and probably won’t be shared on this blog post, I have to say you can bet my wedding will be traditional.

I didn’t plan on going into a knee deep discussion with this post especially since this is the last entry for “Committed” but I will quote something Liz said in her book, that I believe is true in so many ways.

“We were shaping our lives in that particular form of partnership because we yearned for something, as so many of us do. We yearn for private intimacy even thought its emotionally risky. We yearn for private intimacy even when we suck at it. We yearn for private intimacy even when its illegal for us to love the person we love. We yearn for private intimacy even when we are told that we should yearn for something else, something finer, something nobler. We just keep on yearning for private intimacy and for our own deeply personal set of reasons.”

This quote by Liz is true for so many people. All of us yearn in our own private ways for something that others may not believe in. A much younger me imagined a person with whom I could mentally connect with, someone who shared the same beliefs as I do, some one with whom brings me peace. I have yet to find such a person, but I will keep yearning, until that person arrives in my life.

Well I hope you all enjoyed “Committed” by Elizabeth Gilbert, I should be choosing a new book shortly, so until then!

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