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In Our Worst Of Times

In our worst of times, it’s hard not to recall certain memories, certain moments of things we said and did at different points in our lives.  I was reading The Diving Bell, a few days ago, I read a few chapters where Jean-Dominique recalls a trip with his girlfriend in the late 1970s to the foothills of the Pyrenees to make a “pilgrimage” to Lourdes.  During this trip, he realizes that he has no interest in his girlfriend or the trip he is taking with her.

What struck me as ironic in this particular chapter ( the longest chapter in the book, by the way, a whole 10 pages) was Jean-Dominique passes an unbroken column of wheelchairs that were led by volunteers leading paraplegics along on this trip.

In his moan and groan, Jean-Dominique does not want to take the trip, and he makes a statement, saying “It could even be dangerous, what if someone in perfect health happened to be here when the Madonna appeared? One miracle, and he’d end up paralyzed”

I feel like this was a foreshadowing in his life, a karma of sorts for such a comment at a sacred place.  I don’t know, while I don’t wish bad upon anyone, I do believe people receive their karma of sorts. What a horrible thing to say.

I read a few chapters after this particular one, where Jean-Dominique talks about his family, his children and about his life before his massive stroke.  It made me think of how we take life for granted, everything about it. From our environment, the people in our lives and the simple joys.

This isn’t the best blog post, but I hope you enjoyed it just the same, until next time.  I am almost done! I will be picking a new book soon!


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