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Not Quite Finished, But Almost There,…Almost.

Well, I’m not finished with “Middlesex” yet, gosh, this is taking me so long to finish! I feel like I’ve read so much that I won’t be able to give you all a legitimate review once I am done.  Will this book ever end? I look at all my stacks of books just crying out “stop ‘Middlesex’ and begin reading me”, but I have a cardinal rule, once I start a book, I must MUST finish.

I’m writing tonight because I have to share with someone or many someones my frustrations with WordPress, oh my god, I feel like a complete idiot! This is also coming from someone who doesn’t know how to download music or burn CDs. I wanted to run to the book store and buy the idiot’s guide or dummies for WordPress, I took a blogging 101 class at work to learn how to sufficiently use this site. While I haven’t gotten the book yet, the blogging 101 class didn’t seem to help me.

I have to say though, I love doing this, this has been such a great outlet for me, I am constantly researching other blogs to see what they have done differently, what they have done the same, I find myself debating on changes I should make to my entries, etc.  My friend told me today to do what is right to for me and not to follow the mold.  I just have this need to write something that is a true reflection of who I am and what I enjoy most and I want to tell it to the world!

How I am writing this- is right for me, also would someone please please follow me, like me, tweet to me that you are actually reading this?! I feel like Julie Powell in the movie “Julie & Julia” with her blogging frustrations.  Thank God I’ m not cooking anything.

Oh well, until next time.

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2 thoughts on “Not Quite Finished, But Almost There,…Almost.

  1. Hi! I am Starr. I understand your frustrations, I just started my blog a the end of February and it’s mainly for book reviews and original short fiction. Sometimes I don’t know if I am writing enough variety or frequently enough. I have no idea if anyone besides me has read my blog. But I figure if I keep putting it out there then someone will notice. I have blog linked to my Facebook account. So I would encourage you to keep on, and yes someone is reading your blog.

    Always Shine

    • Hi Starr!
      You are my first comment! It is truly frustrating not knowing what you are doing. I look at other blogs and I am amazed at how great they look. I feel the same way, I feel like I am reading this for myself. A friend of mine said recently, when I thought about changing how frequent I would blog, she said, “Don’t follow the mold, do what works for you” and I totally would recommend that for you! I would encourage you to keep going as well, and you now have a reader as well!

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