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Hello Dear Followers,

I have to say overall, I did throughly enjoy “Ghellow Road” by T.H. Waters, however it was a busy month for me so I didn’t get to my blog as much as I would have liked.  I won’t say too much more about this book other than I think the author showed readers an excellent look into her life and the struggles she faced throughout.

For a first time writer, T.H. Waters told the story very well, the recommendations I would make with this book going forward in order to allow the story to flow better is to include chapters within each of the books. I feel it offers the readers the joy of anticipation. I also feel  the author’s use of capitalization in unexpected places was jarring to my mind and broke the fluidity of the reading for me at different points.

I did enjoy this book very much and I do recommend that people give this author the chance by reading her life story. It reminded me that each of us has our own struggles throughout our lives and this T.H. Waters gave all of us a great glimpse into hers.

I want to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to review her book and I wish her the best of luck with her future ventures! Everyone – please check out the author’s Web site at

Until next time…


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