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Marry Him?!

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"Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough"

Weddings are in the air and I thought my June book choice should be “Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough” by Lori Gottlieb.  Some of you might remember this author, she created a big “firestorm” with her opinions on marriage and settling for the right man through out national news outlets across the U.S.

The book is not a novel, I guess you can call it a self-help of sorts, I picked this because as I was looking through my books I realized I have a lot of these types of books, two of which have “Unhooked” in their title.  I am a 28-year-old female who works full time, still sadly lives with my parents and is single.  With no man in sight, I will admit I have tried dating sites like Match and E-Harmony and more recently OkCupid. All of which have been interesting experiences to say the least.

When I realized that I had quite a few books on relationships and how to meet the “one” I asked myself why?  Well, I guess its because I find relationships and people to be so fascinating. What makes them tick, how do people find each other and why are there so many of us still left behind.

In “Marry Him” author Lori Gottlieb frankly explores the dilemma that so many women today seem to face – how to reconcile the strong desire for a husband and family with a list of must-haves so long and complicated that many great guys get rejected out of the gate, according to the book jacket.  The author shares her own journey in the quest for romantic fulfillment, and in the process gets wise guidence and surprising insights from marital researchers, matchmakers, dating coaches and many more.

Ms. Gottlieb was like a lot women, she hit 40 and realized that she needed to stop chasing Prince Charming and instead go for Mr. Good Enough. Which is interesting since all of us just watched an everyday girl marry prince charming, literally. Reconcile that one.  Ms. Gottlieb realized that so many of us need to re-evaluate what we need in a partner, her ideas created a firestorm of controversy from outlets like the Today show to The Washington Post.

Here is a link to her article that created a lot of controversy for the author –

You may also visit her Web site,

Well, I won’t say anymore for this post, but I hope you enjoy my blog posts for the month of June, because I’m sure I will have a lot to say on this subject, hopefully I will have the chance.

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2 thoughts on “Marry Him?!

  1. I can definitely see why this author caused a controversy. Talking about relationships can be a very sensitive subject for those who haven’t found “the one” yet, and those who think they have now being told he/she is only just good enough. Can’t wait to read the rest of your posts about this book. I’m particularly interesting in knowing how much research the author includes or if it’s more just her opinion. Either way, such a fascinating topic!

    • I first read an article from the author a year ago, and it infuriated me because I didn’t believe girls should settle for “good enough” when they can meet better, but now as I am reading this, I can understand what the author is talking about, she makes a lot of sense in what she says about how we as women make lists of all that we want from men and its never good enough, we always want more. Thanks so much for your comment, I will be posting soon! It’s a good read so far!

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