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Celebrity Marriages

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Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

This weekend I found out that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were splitting up after a seven year marriage. It really made me think, since I am still trying to finish “Marry Him” by Lori Gottlieb, ( June and July has been a little crazy, I will finish, I promise!).  Here we are, young single men and women trying to find “Mr. or Mrs. Right” and then with a blink of an eye, you see another celebrity marriage go down the tubes.

What is wrong with celebrities? Why can’t some (not all) get it right?  My immediate thought and generalization I guess, was that in their world everything is replaceable because money is no object, so relationships are treated the same way. I truly feel they don’t value the institution of marriage at all. It is all just a piece of paper that can easily be dissolved with two lawyers.

And then you have authors like Ms. Gottlieb telling us not to be picky when a lot of young Americans are very influenced by celebrity marriages.  The ones that do last (which aren’t many) give us hope while the rest don’t surprise us at all, but disappoint.

Like I’ve probably mentioned in previous posts, I come from divorced parents, and while I can assume my own parents didn’t go into a marriage thinking it would eventually fail, I wonder if they thought it all the way through? Were there signs that flashed before they went down the altar? From what I’ve been told there were huge ones.

We can only hope that these celebrities walk into a marriage with the belief of it actually working out despite their busy schedules and lives. I really thought J.Lo had found the one this time. I really did. I guess I was wrong.

It is hard enough to find someone these days, we are given so many “instructions” if you will on how to meet the right person, and then once we do, how to get ourselves to the alter and then finally how to actually make a marriage work. These celebrities should take a few classes.

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