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In True Nicholas Sparks Fashion

Nicholas Sparks

Hello Dear Followers,

Well, what can I say about completing a Nicholas Sparks book? He is wonderful. Mr. Sparks stayed true as always to his love story formula. He leaves you craving more, he leaves you thinking and his reads are always quick because he envelopes you into his stories.

This book had a valuable lesson through most of it. It showed that you can’t allow your past dictate who you become in life and what you allow to enter into your life. You can’t let the bad experiences in life define who you become in life.

So many of us have done that, I know I have. For as long as I can remember I have always allowed the bad to dictate my direction in life and it has dictated who I have allowed in my life and who I have not. The title of this book, “The Rescue” is true to form, it spoke to the rescue of the main character, a rescue from his past and a rescue from himself.

I would highly recommend this book, I thought like many of Mr. Sparks’ books that it was wonderful.  I hope you enjoyed reading this book along with me, if not, I highly suggest you pick this one up or any of his books up, they are really worth a try. I promise! 🙂 Until later!


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2 thoughts on “In True Nicholas Sparks Fashion

  1. His new book comes on this October! It’s called The Best Of Me! Can’t wait to read that one. Your readers might like my page Please feel free to leave a comment there if you like!

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