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“Our Town”

A Three-Act Play

Hello Dear Followers,

For the remainder of August and some of September, I will be reading the play, “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder.  I don’t remember exactly when the first time I was introduced to the play, but I remember just being  intrigued by the story and I always said I’d read it one day.

“Our Town” will be the first play I am reading for this blog, the play was first produced and published in 1938.  It is a classic and a play in three acts. According to, it is a character story about an average town’s citizens in the early twentieth century as depicted through their everyday lives,  (particularly George Gibbs, a doctor’s son, and Emily Webb, the daughter of the town’s newspaper editor and George’s future wife). Mr. Wilder sets the play in a 1930s theater. He uses the actions of the stage manager to create the town of Grover’s Corners for the audience. Scenes from its history between the years of 1901 and 1913 play out.

Wilder wrote the play while in his 30s. In June 1937, he lived in the  MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire, one of the many locations where he worked on the play. During a visit to Zurich  in September 1937, he drafted the entire third act in one day after a long evening walk in the rain with a friend, author  Samuel Morris Steward, according to

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