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Some of the Greats

Elizabeth Gilbert

Hello Dear Followers,

Well it’s a stormy day here in Connecticut, however the storm hasn’t hit where I live, but something is brewing. It makes for a perfect evening for reading with a hot cup of coffee. This is my heaven.

I was just in Barnes and Noble and began to think about all the books I’ve read over the years and what some of my favorites have been since childhood.  I thought I’d share with you my thoughts about some of my favorites! I’d also love to hear what some of yours are too!

I am a child of the 1990s, so when I was young some of my major book influences were the “Babysitters Club” series by Ann M. Martin  and “Sweet Valley High” series by Francine Pascal . The “Babysitters Club’s Little Sister series were always my absolute favorite as well.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Since my childhood, I was always interested in history and my Mom ( who was also an avid reader) introduced to me to Laura Ingalls Wilder series, which I instantly gravitated towards. My favorite in this series were “These Happy Golden Years” when Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder finally get together. I could read that book over and over again, often living vicariously through Laura’s life. I am probably the only one at my age that watched the television show with Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert and truly appreciated it for what it was.

When I was a little older, about nine or 10 I’d say, I was introduced to American Girl, it began with my Samantha Parkington doll and of course her series. I love those books because it not only gave you a fictional story, but the series gave you an inside look to a different time period, which always until this day captivates me to want to read more.  Of course, with Samantha came the other dolls with their books, and while I only had Samantha, I truly enjoyed reading about Felicity, Kirsten, Molly and Addy. (Have any of you been the American Girl Store in New York City? If I was still a young girl it would be like a dream come true for me!)

Louisa May Alcott

Then, there was “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott, truly one of my absolute favorite authors, as you have probably read in my previous posts. I am always inspired by this author and her life. As a writer myself I feel a true connection between her and I. I am sure that is what it is like for many of you Louisa May Alcott fans. I visited Concord, Mass., last summer and it was truly a memorable experience that I will never forget.

Reading fluctuated as I got older due to time and life really, while the love for it was always there, there were times I just never got to it on a regular basis. But to be a good writer I realized, you need to be a good reader of all things and so I made some changes.

I can say as an adult, some of my favorite writers include Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat Pray, Love” and “Committed,” Nicholas Sparks, author of “The Notebook” and many wonderful others and Wally Lamb, author of “She’s Come Undone.”  Ms. Gilbert inspires me the same way Louisa May Alcott did as a child, Ms. Gilbert inspired me to want to explore different places and record them to the best I could. I haven’t traveled the world (yet) but she inspired me with her beliefs about life, her struggles and her goals.

I have a strong appreciation for some of the classic writers like Ernest Hemingway, Nathaniel Hawthorne, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Mark Twain and so many others that I have yet to begin reading yet.

Ok! Until next time!

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