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A Family of Bees

Hello Dear Followers,

I wasn’t sure what I felt like doing tonight, I began reading earlier in the evening to get ahead in this book and then I had this urge to post. I have to admit my thoughts haven’t changed about this book. It is a difficult book to get through, while I don’t give up on any of the books I read here, I just have a lot of trouble staying concentrated.  I am trying though.

However, I have to say I am intrigued to find out whether Lily’s mother is alive or dead or whether she actually left her. I felt terrible for May to spend nearly a lifetime attached to a horrible memory like she did is nothing anyone should ever have to experience.

Can any of you recall a time in your life when something so significant changed your understanding of the world? Often times we never recover and other times we do, but we are never the same. I am sure many of us can.  Life is funny that way.

Throughout my life, I often wished I could run away as Lily did, not for the same reasons whatsoever, but just rather escape to somewhere new. I commend anyone who is strong enough to do this.

The big theme in this book is living in a time when not everyone was treated equally, when the color of your skin mattered more than who you were and what you were about. It still exists today, I’ve seen it in my daily life, it’s sad really. Because I am never one to judge someone based on their color and can’t really comprehend how people do.

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