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We’ve all met Mr. Darcy

Hello Dear Followers,

Since my last post I got to thinking, we’ve all (women that is) have met a Mr. Darcy once or twice in our lives. Someone who is arrogant, shows very little emotion and interest to those around them. Right?

If we were to write about this person, how much background would we give this person? How much characteristics would he have. I know I wouldn’t give him more than a few sentences, in my eyes he wouldn’t deserve more than that.

Is that fair? Is it shallow? I am not sure. But we as women have all met a Mr. Darcy once in our lives that we vow to detest for eternity.  You also have to question how much Elizabeth really does detest him? Part of me can’t help but feel that she actually loves him as much as he claims to love her, but its much more dramatic to hate him. We’ve met those kinds of men too.

The kind that get under your skin and you “strongly dislike” on a regular basis because of their attitude and their overall demeanor.  But someone like this wouldn’t get under your skin so much if you didn’t feel the opposite emotion or you didn’t feel any admiration toward them. Right?

Ponder that one… Until next time.



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