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Fight to the Death

Hello Dear Followers,

I am not quite sure where to begin with tonight’s post. I am six chapters into “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins and I am not sure of my comments so far.  I think its good, but I find it strange, the names and places.

For the last few days now, I was thinking about what I would write for this post and I honestly don’t know what to make of anything I have read. I have to agree with a recent Huffington Post article  I read recently –“The True Story Behind The Hunger Games”

The author has tackled real issues  like class inequity, food shortages, insufficient education and training, population control through imports/exports, threat of nuclear war, people from other districts, or maybe we should call them ethnic groups, fighting to survive, according to the article.

The author has neatly packaged this thrilling story in the young adult genre almost making it sound magical in some strange way by using different ( and definitely strange) names of places and people.  Making the reader really think could this actually happen one day? Hundreds of years from now or even earlier?

I find it very interesting how reality television is used here. On so many of today’s reality television shows, people whether they be regular people or celebrities are fighting for something whether it be a moment in the spotlight or fighting to the death in some way or another.

I honestly don’t know what to say here, I don’t I haven’t really made any sense about what I have read. I will check back soon!

Until next time..


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