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The Beauty Games

Hello Dear Followers,

As I’ve continued to read “The Hunger Games” I can’t help but believe that they are getting ready for a beauty pageant. Questions they need to answer,  having to look perfect, stand out among their competition with their looks and abilities. The only difference is that there are men competing too.

While I am still at the part where they are preparing for the games to begin, I find this book to be boring.  I am not feeling this book, I am not sure if it’s all the hype that surrounds it, but I just don’t see what the big deal is. Maybe by the time I finish the book, I will think differently.

I feel Cinna is on her side in some way, I feel he has a deeper story than he relays right now.  I also feel Peeta and Katniss will develop a deeper connection than they know right now, I feel she will find that she loves him and it will be difficult to go up against him and furthermore her love for Peeta will be at odds for her love for Gale. (BTW, what is with the names?)

The next chapter I almost feel they will tell Katniss she along with other females in the competition need to wear a swimsuit to gain sponsorship.  I mean really.

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty Games

  1. I read the Hunger Games, before it became so popular and loved it. Though, like most books, it’s not for everyone. I guess it kind of depends on what draws you to it in the first place.

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