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“The Girl From The Cave”

Hello Dear Followers,

While I promised a post about “The Help” I couldn’t resist sharing a guest post from new author Mark Lawerence who recently completed his book “The Girl From The Cave”  Here is what he had to say about his new book!

Image provided by Mark Lawerence

Thank you, first off for allowing me a small space on here.  I will get straight to the point.  “The Girl From The Cave” was as much a mystery for me to write as it probably will be for you to read.  There were many questions that came to me and which were then transferred onto the page which needed answers.  These questions pulled me along every word, every page as I hope they will for you.  Even though it became necessary to reveal the girl’s name in the synopsis of the book, I will not reveal it here, as I think it takes away from the ultimate darkness that you, as the reader, must find your way out of as the story moves along.  At the beginning of the story, the girl finds herself at the mercy of a dark cave, afraid of every step she is taking, yet compelled to go on further by a strange and seemingly magical fox who had been making himself known to her months before.  At first his visits seem to be none other than fun and games.  As you read on, you’ll find out that they were merely an exercise of trust for what must be done.  When the girl emerges from the cave, she is completely at a loss, not only is she miles more away than she had walked from entrance to exit, but she is at a place both familiar to her and strangely foreign.  During this story, while finding out each step she takes, sometimes just to live another day, I invite you to consider how you would act.  What actions might you have taken, given a similar hand to play?  Where might you see this story, this eerily possible, yet fantasy driven story go even after the final word?

Since I have done nothing but write and read this work for the past year, it is hard to stand back at this point and judge as a whole the entire piece, its relevance to my world, to my life.  Perhaps you will not be as handicapped as I am.  And if you see nothing other than the text in front you, I would hope that it was a good ride.
For more information on Mr. Lawerence’s new book, visit

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