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Dear Diary,

Hello Dear Followers,

I have to share  about how much of a good time I had this weekend, I am not usually one to tell people how wonderful something was, but yesterday( Sunday) I went to see an exhibit at The Morgan Library and Museum located on Madison Ave. in New York City.

I went to see the exhibit “The Diary: Three Centuries of Private Lives”  which was a compilation of diaries from various prominent figures mainly in literature, art and in life . I saw diaries of author Nathaniel Hawthorne and his wife Sophia Peabody (who is mentioned in the Louisa May Alcott book I’m reading right now)  to Albert Einstein and Charlotte Bronte.

The Morgan Library and Museum, New York City

The exhibition centers around author Henry David Thoreau that contain several notebooks that proves he examined his  life closely. The exhibit takes a look at the idea of diary writing and how much it has changed since many of these people lived.

I was truly in my element with this exhibit, while many may be wondering why I even went, you all don’t know how much I love this, I love LOVE history, I am always curious  in finding out how people use to live. I couldn’t stop smiling at all there was to see.  Because all these people were once just every day people just living their daily lives examining the world around them.  Aren’t we similar in that way?

I felt close to these people because I was looking at their most deepest thoughts, it was like I had windows into their souls even if it was only for an hour and even if some of these people lived over two centuries ago.

Henry David Thoreau

I personally have always kept a diary or journal, it has been a practice I’ve had since I was probably seven years old when my mother bought me a small diary at our local toy store, I knew I wanted to record some aspect of my life, never wanting anyone to see my deepest thoughts, but still releasing them down on paper. It was journaling or being a “diarist” that led me to follow my dream of being a writer/Journalist.  While I have never been one to stand front and center, I have always wanted people to take notice even for a little while. I wonder if these people who kept their own recordings wanted the same thing?

Many of these people who were part of the exhibit lived extraordinary lives and had much to say, some of their entries turned into books and calculations that the world knows today. How wonderful that is.

I marveled as I walked to each glass box (which you could not touch) and looked at not only what they were saying but how they said it, what they chose to release on their sheets of paper, their penmanship, the type of journals they wrote in.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

If you are interested in visiting this exhibit you will see diaries of Tennessee Williams, Virginia Woolf , American painter Stuart Davis whose journal was filled with illustrations among many others.

“For centuries, people have turned to diaries to mark time, sort out creative problems, help them through crises, comfort them in solitude or pain, or capture memories for the future. Today, as we find new ways to document our unfolding lives—in blogs, online diaries, and social networks—this exhibition looks back over several centuries to explore the enduring drive to leave a trace of our passing days,” according to the Morgan Library Web site,

We have come a long way from a few sheets of paper and an ink well, we are doing exactly what I am doing right now, we are telling our deepest thoughts  frustrations and happiness on Twitter on Facebook and other social networking site  looking for some release, some admiration and understanding from the world around us.

These people before probably knew that one day someone like me might be admiring their words, so who’s to say someone three centuries from now may not look through our daily writings on our social networks and admiring what we have to say in our everyday lives.

Until then…

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