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Let’s Hear It for the Girl!

Hello Dear Followers,

Alright, alright I will admit I am beginning to really like The Hunger Games, it’s a bit intense.  It seemed the whole preparation for the games seemed to take forever and once  Katniss got in the games I grew more interested.

She is not only in battle with other tributes, but she is at battle with her surroundings and herself, survival is vital. I commend her, because I honestly I would have been dead  the first day. I am glad to see that she has gotten as far as she has, I do believe that she and Peeta will end up together at some point.  If she makes it out and gets back to the district it will be an interesting story.

I found it hard to visualize what she was doing at different times, I began trying to visualize what it must be like to have to sleep in a tree and protect yourself from other tributes, elements and whatever else. This girl thinks on her feet, she finds ways to survive in the hardest of situations.  Let’s hear it for the girl!

You know its interesting, unless I’ve missed it, they are hardly ever at battle with major animals other than the tracker jackers, but they would probably leave people alone if you left them alone.

The book is getting good, but its nearing the end, I don’t know if I would continue immediately with this series, but I would definitely return to it at some point.  Its an interesting read.

I will have my final thoughts about the book hopefully by Sunday.

Until next time…


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