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Lovely Bennet Sisters

Hello Dear Followers,

Where do I begin with “Pride And Prejudice?” I do not know. I have to say overall, I enjoyed the book, I thought it was good. I found myself bored at times however, of their constant talking and constant declarations of emotions. I kept wanting to say “get to the point already!”

I gained a respect for Mr. Darcy, I found him to be a good man and seriously mis-understood.  I think we can all learn a lesson from Elizabeth Bennet’s presumptions of him.  Don’t we all judge a book by its cover never really allowing ourselves to fully know a person until we have fully spent some time with them and really hear what they have to say?

I was glad Elizabeth learned her lesson and beyond that was able to love him how she should.   People like Mr. Darcy don’t come around very often and if they do, they may not be given the credit they fully deserve.

I feel this was story not just about Elizabeth, but also about her sister.  It was about their lives, their choices about whom they choose to love.  I firmly believe this story is based a lot on Jane Austen’s life and her own sister Cassandra’s in many ways. While both Austen sisters never married, I feel this was about a part of their lives that many may not too much about unless you have of course see “Becoming Jane” (wonderful movie, if I can keep my eyes open, I may watch it now)

I do have to say I could not stand their mother, she was too much. Pardon me, but so many times I wanted to tell her to just shut up and their sister Lydia was a replica of their mother in so many ways. So very much the same in many ways. I truly loved their father, I felt he was real, I felt he looked at life realistically and truly wanted what was best for his daughters money or no money.

I couldn’t imagine living this life where your whole life as a woman was dependent upon whether you could find a suitable partner in your life or be labeled a “spinster.”  Women weren’t given the choices they are given today. While I would have loved to live in a different time, I don’t think I could stay long feeling so suffocated.

I would recommend this book to anyone willing to spend the extensive time following a classic love story that isn’t seen today in a society that no longer exists.

Until next time….


Pride and Prejudice

Hello Dear Followers,

Pride and Prejudice

So I decided to start the year by continuing to commemorate heroines with the book “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. I began this book in November outside the blog and I thought it would make an excellent start for this year. Ms. Austen stood out during her short life and made a statement about love and life. I found in reading her book that people haven’t changed in over 200 years. Men are still men and people are still people.

“Pride and Prejudice” tells the story of Elizabeth Bennet, one of the sisters who must marry rich, as she confounds the arrogant, wealthy Mr. Darcy.

We have all met a Mr. Darcy, they are every where, while times have changed and men today may not immediately be looking for a wife, they are looking for someone. What they want that someone for, may be a different story.

For my women readers – could you imagine living in a time where your choices were to either get married or die an old spinster? It sounds like a death sentence to me. I am so happy that women today have so many more opportunities, more independence to be whoever they please without anyone telling them who they should or shouldn’t be with.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of good fortune must be in want of a wife,” Ms. Austen writes.

Jane Austen

Today we as women make the choice of the men we choose, we look for men of “good fortune” in order to have a comfortable life. But we as women can create a comfortable life of our own without the help of a man. Are we better off then women of Ms. Austen’s time? Have we come far enough? Or do we fall short?

Well, I hope you will join me in reading “Pride and Prejudice” and enjoy it as much as I have so far.

Until next time….

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