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Thumbs Down

Hello Dear Followers,

Well, I finished “Much Ado About Loving” by Jack Murighan and Maura Kelly. And I have to admit, I found it boring. I didn’t feel like I got anything from this book, like at all. Well, that’s not true, I was given a good list of new books I would want to look into.

While I know the book’s premise was to relate our relationship issues to our favorite novels, I wish they hadn’t. I didn’t want someone to tell me about a book I could honestly find out about myself.

I’m finding that like most “self-help” books, like I thought this one turned out to be, are boring. Some are funny and some are just plain annoying. Telling us what is wrong with today’s relationships, if we didn’t know  already.

I may be a little harsh here, but I’m not sure I’d recommend this book, I just thought it was boring and struggled to finish it, I honestly have to admit I skimmed the end, because I had had enough.  I do think if you do choose to read this book, that you take with you a notepad and pen and start making a list of the books they mention.

I also found them to be repetitive.  I believe, and I could be mistaken that they talked about the same topics more than once.  I don’t have much more to say about this book, so I am going to leave you here. I will be back shortly to introduce my March book! Stay tuned.

Until next time…

“Much Ado About Loving”

Hello Dear Followers,

For Valentine's Day

My February book choice was a sudden choice in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.  I will be reading “Much Ado About Loving” by Jack Murnighan and Maura Kelly.

I picked this book up last weekend at the bookstore and was instantly hooked in reading more about it. I didn’t plan on reading such a new book so soon, but I thought this would be appropriate given Valentine’s Day is just days away.

The book uses some of our favorite novels to teach us about date expectations, not-go-great Gatsbys and love in the time of Internet personals, according to the cover of the book. The two authors turned to their favorite novels by great novelists to tell the story of romance.

So I hope you will all read along, because from what I read last week,  this is definitely going to be a fun read!

Until next time…

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