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Lovely Bennet Sisters

Hello Dear Followers,

Where do I begin with “Pride And Prejudice?” I do not know. I have to say overall, I enjoyed the book, I thought it was good. I found myself bored at times however, of their constant talking and constant declarations of emotions. I kept wanting to say “get to the point already!”

I gained a respect for Mr. Darcy, I found him to be a good man and seriously mis-understood.  I think we can all learn a lesson from Elizabeth Bennet’s presumptions of him.  Don’t we all judge a book by its cover never really allowing ourselves to fully know a person until we have fully spent some time with them and really hear what they have to say?

I was glad Elizabeth learned her lesson and beyond that was able to love him how she should.   People like Mr. Darcy don’t come around very often and if they do, they may not be given the credit they fully deserve.

I feel this was story not just about Elizabeth, but also about her sister.  It was about their lives, their choices about whom they choose to love.  I firmly believe this story is based a lot on Jane Austen’s life and her own sister Cassandra’s in many ways. While both Austen sisters never married, I feel this was about a part of their lives that many may not too much about unless you have of course see “Becoming Jane” (wonderful movie, if I can keep my eyes open, I may watch it now)

I do have to say I could not stand their mother, she was too much. Pardon me, but so many times I wanted to tell her to just shut up and their sister Lydia was a replica of their mother in so many ways. So very much the same in many ways. I truly loved their father, I felt he was real, I felt he looked at life realistically and truly wanted what was best for his daughters money or no money.

I couldn’t imagine living this life where your whole life as a woman was dependent upon whether you could find a suitable partner in your life or be labeled a “spinster.”  Women weren’t given the choices they are given today. While I would have loved to live in a different time, I don’t think I could stay long feeling so suffocated.

I would recommend this book to anyone willing to spend the extensive time following a classic love story that isn’t seen today in a society that no longer exists.

Until next time….


We’ve all met Mr. Darcy

Hello Dear Followers,

Since my last post I got to thinking, we’ve all (women that is) have met a Mr. Darcy once or twice in our lives. Someone who is arrogant, shows very little emotion and interest to those around them. Right?

If we were to write about this person, how much background would we give this person? How much characteristics would he have. I know I wouldn’t give him more than a few sentences, in my eyes he wouldn’t deserve more than that.

Is that fair? Is it shallow? I am not sure. But we as women have all met a Mr. Darcy once in our lives that we vow to detest for eternity.  You also have to question how much Elizabeth really does detest him? Part of me can’t help but feel that she actually loves him as much as he claims to love her, but its much more dramatic to hate him. We’ve met those kinds of men too.

The kind that get under your skin and you “strongly dislike” on a regular basis because of their attitude and their overall demeanor.  But someone like this wouldn’t get under your skin so much if you didn’t feel the opposite emotion or you didn’t feel any admiration toward them. Right?

Ponder that one… Until next time.


Shape Your Own Nose

Hello Dear Followers,

So I’ve had the chance in the last week to get pretty far in “Pride and Prejudice” and I have to share that I think that these people have nothing absolutely nothing better to do with their time. I know it’s a different time and things were different, but I couldn’t help but want to shake Elizabeth Bennet about her reasons for being angry at Mr. Darcy.

Why is it any of her business how he has treated people she doesn’t know, while she has valid reason to detest him for his intervening with her sister’s relationship, I just wanted to tell her so many times, mind your own business and worry about yourself?

I found that all the characters in this book are so consumed with other people’s lives and what so-so may think of them. Who cares? Really, who cares? How is it anyone’s business to mettle in other people’s lives for?

Movie version of Mr. Darcy

I don’t have a read on Mr. Darcy, I am not quite sure what I feel about him yet, I can definitely however, see why there are so many books out there now about Mr. Darcy and his family. I don’t feel like Jane Austen thus far has given enough character description other than to say he is arrogent among his other characteristics. Maybe I haven’t gotten far enough yet to learn more about him.

I think this book is good, I feel however so far that the problems these people have are trivial. There is much more to life. I’ve been saying that a lot lately. Oh well, until next time. I hope to have this book finished by Feb. 1 🙂

Until next time.

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