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My Journey to Self-Love

Hello Dear Followers,

I know I have slacked big time on keeping up with this blog, and I always promise to get back here and read a book a month, but time is just not with me these days. I am involved in so many things that taking even 45 minutes to read is a huge feat.  So of course I’ve decided to write a book.

Because you know, we all have the time to do that?  Mine is a non-fiction book on self-love.  I am writing it because at 32-years old, I realized it’s time to love myself.  While I am no where near the end of my journey, very much at the beginning with some challenges still ahead,  I am keeping notes of thoughts, experiences, what I hear – anything and everything I’ve doing that is a devotion to self-love.

I don’t expect to write and publish anything that is drastically different that what is probably already out there, but I am not worrying about that, this is my journey and what is already out there does not matter to me. I am on a path where I want to not only help myself, but help others as well. I don’t think of myself as the best writer nor am I the worst, but if even one single thought on this subject can help another person’s life, I am willing to try.

Also, this book won’t be ready anytime soon, I am in the research phase, I am in the phase of listening and experiencing and talking to people about it.  It could be a few years before this book sees the light of day, if at all.

For a few years now I have struggled on a topic for a book, I had originally wanted to write a fiction novel, but that didn’t feel right, not yet anyway.  This topic, feels right and I am excited about it. So I must continue on this journey, right?

I don’t force anything with what I am writing, if a thought comes to me that I want to be part of the book, it gets written down.  It is really a book of the senses at the moment, I don’t have a formula or a real outline like most authors do.

I have a rough idea of how I want this book to look and feel and be, but all of it is still in very preliminary.

Several people have told me I should be a teacher and that I should or am destined to write a book, and I feel like this is my chance.  So I am moving ahead and doing it.

The reason I am writing this post and revealing to you what I am writing is because I need your help.  I want to hear about what you think self-love is? How would you describe it? What are some of the challenges you face with it? What have been some of the rewards from the practice?  What have you learned most about self-love that you didn’t know before?  I want to hear it all.

Please feel free to comment below and share your thoughts with me.  Thank you!



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