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Hello Dear Followers,

Well, I finally finished “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett.  I enjoyed it, I thought it dragged on a bit, but overall I enjoyed it. I loved the characters of Skeeter, Minny and Aibileen.

Tonight I saw the movie and I was told it was different than the book and it was,  major parts from the book were left out, but it was just perfect.  I didn’t feel it needed all that extra details the book included.  I felt each character played their part perfectly.

My heart hurt when I was visually seeing the inequality Minny, Aibileen, Yule May and black people went through during that time. To treat someone so horribly simply because of the color of their skin is just so horrible.

I found the book and the movie really stand on their own, one can’t be compared to the other or considered better than the other. If you read the book, that’s great, it’s a good read, if you just saw the movie, that is enough too.

Until next time….

P.S. I just love Octavia Spencer! She is by far the cutest thing!


Hello Dear Followers,

It has been a long time since I wrote a post, I am terribly sorry. Life definitely gets in the way sometimes.  I am still reading “The Help” I didn’t expect to be going into another month with it, but it is what it is.

I wanted to talk a little about Skeeter, I can definitely relate to this character in many ways even if we are from two different decades. Her family, friends are pressuring her in their own way to marry, but it looks like to me she wants to live according her own standards and not the standards of others. And she is a writer! I really feel a connection to this character and her daily frustrations from never feeling quite right and on the same level as her friends and never fully meeting the expectations of her family.

What people in her life should understand is that they need to allow her to live and run at her own pace instead of trying to mold her into what they think she should be. She is awkward, not graceful and has a name like Skeeter.. really?

But I think she sees people for who they are and not the color of their skin. She doesn’t view the help as the help, but as people who have feelings, lives of their own and wants to tell their story. I think that is a rarity in the 1960s for a white woman to have compassion for a black person.

I really like this character and I like the connections she is making with Aibileen. I look forward to reading more about her.

Until next time…

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