Books From My Closet

"I Love Books The Way Some Girls Love Shoes"

Review Policy

With this blog I plan to start with the books I do have in my closet, since I have so many! However, my love of reading will always welcome new selections to review.  My reviews are honest and personal reviews.  I plan to review one to two books a month, and during each month I will offer commentary as I read along, so if you’re reading along side of me, it could make for a good discussion. I also welcome guest bloggers and authors to write for my blog on book related topics.

Here Are The Genres of  Books I  Read :

1. Literary Fiction and Non-fiction

2. Historical Fiction and Non-fiction

3. Self-Help

4. Biographies and Autobiographies

Books I Tend to Stay Away From, but Remain Open Minded About:

1. Science Fiction/Fantasy

2. ChickLits

3. Mysteries

4. Thrillers/ Crime Fiction

5. Celebrity Tell-Alls

6. Horror

If there is a book you think I might find interesting please e-mail me and let me know! Please follow me on Twitter @BooksFrMyCloset.

***Please Note*** I am as honest as I can be with the reviews I write for each book.  My reviews are not meant to deter anyone from reading a particular book and it is my opinion only. My opinion may be different than others.  Thank You.

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